Cyberpunk (tutorial task for week 4)

Cyberpunk is a sub-genre to Sci-fi, although were much Sci-fi is set in space or on a distant planet Cyberpunk is almost always set here on Earth, in a not to distant future. These settings are usually post-industrial, dystopian societies and the focus of the story will be on the character and the clash between technological/Biological. Examples of authors within this genre are: Jeff Noon, William Gibson and Pat Cadigan.

“The worst part had always been the repairs and system updates that took place on the surface, the ones that literally made her skin crawl. Internal bleeding’s, concussions, anything out of sight she could deal with, all she had to do was to adjust her settings and these would take place without notices flashing up on the inside of her iris. But wounds, tears….when her skin got ripped open a the rescue and recovery was visible. It made her stomach turn.

When she was younger she used to love to show of her freckly arms in strappy tops and sleeveless dresses, she used to love the feeling of sunshine, of human touch. Now she avoided any sight of skin, hers or others. The nanotechnology that had saved her life now only served as a reminder of her own fall from humanity.”

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