Freewriting, 10 lines, one foregrounding

Don’t listen to your sister. Never mind what Mum says. Don’t let me catch you repeating the words your father uses. What are you playing with her for? She’s a girl. Your sister’s better at football than you anyway. Pay attention stupid, we’ve got to walk in step. Grow a spine. Don’t let yourself get pushed around. There’s nothing wrong with the way you are. Don’t let your mother catch her in your strip -what, you think I’d believe you’d play in mud?  Don’t; you’re useless; all feet. Don’t be such a girl. Watch me put a spin on this kick. Try and keep up. Don’t agree with everything she says. Speak up. We speak in sync, don’t mess it up. Don’t tell Mum I borrowed your studs. Huh… you look cuter than I do, but don’t steal my stuff.

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