Cafe task-3 observations

His eyes do not leave the notebook as his pen bleeds black ink all over the clean white page.  His hand and fingers are stiff from clutching a pen for the past hour.  He leans on his free hand with concentration spread across his face as he runs his fingers through his short, black hair.  He breathes a sigh of relief and glances at his watch, puts down his pen and slowly sips his coffee.  The rich, hot liquid fills his mouth as it trickles down his throat.  He flicks through his textbook, determained to pass his exams.

A young girl, probably about 18 or 19 years, sits at a table chatting to her friend, who although male, is probably about the same age.  She chats openly with faint ripples of laughter disrupting her otherwise articulate speech.  Her cream hat sits lazily on her straight brown hair and her lip piercing sits under her bottom lip, tucked away.  He sits back, swinging on his chair, with the front legs hovering slightly.  They sip their coffee simultaneously and chuckle at each other’s anecdotes from the previous week.  A ring binder is hoisted out of the girl’s bag and the pair settle to discuss the latest university project.

A lady sits alone in the coffee shop with a pot of tea and a sandwich.  She appears to be reading the newspaper but I think her mind is elsewhere.  Her fidgety movements and her frequent glances out the window give the impression that there is something on her mind.  There is no wedding ring on her finger and her nails are painted with a black varnish.  Her body language is closed and her hands are close to her mouth with her elbows leaning on the table.  At last, she seems to slip out of her daydream, gathers her things and walks briskly out the door while answering her mobile phone.  She smiles.

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