In the cafe

The creases of age deeply wrought upon his brow were darkened by the hand of loneliness. His pale gray eyes gazed into the black depths of the coffee mug. Although his mind was absent his withered left hand habitually caressed the band of gold worn upon the right. He looked out of the window, upwards, towards the heavy clouds which smothered the sun. A gentle sigh rose spectrally from wizened lips. He ran his fingers through white, thinning hair and, rising, looked once more at that place by the window. He left, leaving behind two empty seats.

Her head slipped down. Despite her best efforts her heavily lidded eyes succumbed to sleep. A fluffy peak of cream tipped her nose and yet she was oblivious in her blissful repose. One would never guess that just the night before she had raked her fingers through the same dusky hair which now hung carelessly against the curve of her blushing cheek. Or that the eyes tucked in comfortably behind those dark lids has just hours before bulged and strained in order to meet that “bloody deadline!”

Their laughter twittered gleefully across the dull drone of the café. Whilst one held the camera, the others meticulously preened themselves – Samantha fluffed her pristine blonde hair delicately, Rebecca fiddled with her lurid red scarf. Pouts and poses inspired further bouts of mirthful giggles. Soon, however, their attention turned to more serious matters at hand. Didn’t Johnny Depp look gorgeous in his new film? Rebecca sighed. Claire’s eyes globed with admiration. Samantha’s eyes, however, narrowed sceptically over her cappuccino.
“Johnny Depp? Yuck!”
With outraged shrieks, chaos descended on their table.

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