Give yourself a while  after having shower before you leave the flat; Wear warm clothes when the temperature is low outside, or even if its not; Switch off the lights if you do not use them anymore- care about the planet; Do not disturb me while I am baking; Always take care of yourself…and eat well; Sit straight; Remember to water the plants; Never be late to appointments, even with your closest friends; Stop fighting with your brother, he is older even if he does not show it; Do not put too much make up, boys do not like it; I never put too much, right?Do not cry because of a man; Do not let anyone to ruin your life; Be happy;Try whatever is possible and will bring you pleasure in your life but with a dose of responsibility, darling;

One comment

  1. I really like the end of this – the last four sentences after the ‘foreground’ – it is a possitive end.
    Well done! 🙂

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