Take 10 words to describe an object and exchange with another student. Write 200 using your partner’s 10 word description.

K-Chan’s object was ‘Sephiroth’ and the ten words were:

Sensuous silver

Serpentine smirk

Sinister specimen

Sacrilegious son

Sublime soldier

The serpentine smirk is always the first thing one notices; once one can get past the initial blur of white skin and those sensuous silver tresses. Certainly he’s a sinister specimen of manhood, this sacrilegious son. Sephiroth is the most sublime soldier: or at least he is consistently described as such. I know him only by name and image but it is telling that his reputation precedes him. If he is at all aware of my eyes –and the less reasonable part of my psyche insists this is so- he says nothing of it.

I move around the room intent on distracting myself from his presence. Why it was necessary to leave him with me is anyone’s guess, but I cannot seem to feel truly at ease in the presence of this plastic creature. Fully aware of my ridiculousness I spin around and storm past him, intent on asserting my authority in some way.

Instead my eyes are consistently drawn back to him. This intimidating angel only has one wing but after displaying my original ignorance I have learned he is intended to look just so. He looks … oh, undeniably he is pretty, but this overlarge figurine gives me the creeps!

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