The Island's curse they did not know, that in the shadows they must not go. But alas! A fatal footstep tread, 'twas a child's curiosity that led...

I draw your attention to this photograph for the purpose of cynical observation, the cynicism being centred around childhood itself and the corruption of innocence. The photograph depicts myself posing for album artwork, in which the music from the album is based around fables of a Gothic nature. It draws upon a feeling  of nostalgia, not because of the nature of its aesthetic, but because of what it represents. As it was the basis for this Gothic album, the picture is supposed to provoke feelings of a mysterious and magical nature, yet the dark greys and blacks promote the sense of menace and macabre. It is intended to evoke childhood memories through the magic and it is also supposed to draw upon the feelings of innocence lost within the subject’s memories.


  1. Didn’t know this aspect of your musical background. The dark, neglected surrounding is softened by the aspirations evoked by the embracing figure.

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