Respect authority in all its guises; respect your elders; respect the environment and all that it does for you; be a productive member of society; stay in school; go to university; go to work; don’t get into arguments; express your opinion; don’t be self righteous; warning – closed circuit television in operation – these premises are under constant video surveillance; never a sk a police man if he’s got something better to do at three in the morning when Breathe by the Prodigy is filtering out your window and across the street; eat your greens or at least don’t get a chippy every night of the week; phone home more often, we miss hearing from you, you know; rent is now a week overdue; smile, you’re on CCTV; quit and find somewhere else to work; you don’t look happy; everything is just fine, thank you very much for your concern; use a diary if you’re so bad at organisation; where is your diary; have you seen that diary since you bought it; ignore your material possessions and they won’t control you; deadline is Friday, 12th December, 12pm; deadline is Friday, 17th January, 12pm; Friday 14th February, 12pm; Friday, 12pm; Friday, 12pm; it’s Friday, 12pm – where are you; fight for your rights; don’t take it lying down; getötet im Namen des Facism; stick in and work hard; keep going, you’re doing great; am I? Everything is going to work out fine. Everything is going to work out just fine.

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