A middle-aged man sitting with (who appears to be) his wife and daughter. He is talking with them but he looks stern and never cracks a smile.  His wife and daughter look at him attentively; he is their focus, as though they are trying somehow to please him, or include him.  He is bald, and has a greying moustache.  He sits with his arm resting on the stair banister, frequently turning his head to observe the customers milling around in the cafe before him.  He seems uninterested or displeased with his company.  He occassionally leans forward onto the table, his head resting on his hand, whilst he gazes intently at his young daughter as she speaks.  He says very little.

A woman sits by herself. She is middle-aged.  She has dark blonde hair which sits on her shoulders, sections of it pinned back.  She is wearing a loose, white shirt and an ankle-length black skirt.  She looks contemplative, occassionally staring at the food before her, occassionally staring out wonderingly at the cafe scene before her.  She looks comfortable sitting there by herself, yet not entirely at ease, as though something occupies her mind, something of importance.  Her face is plain yet handsome.  Her effortless style becomes her.  There is something elegant and graceful in the way she moves, in the way she places her jacket over her shoulders and walks towards the door to leave.  Her manner, everything about her, in fact, is modest.

A young girl. Possibly seventeen years old.  I can hazard a guess at her age based on the fragments of her speech I have unintentionally overheard; her voice is raised as though she wishes everyone around her to hear her words and recognize the pretentious manner in which she speaks.  Her words rule the conversation she is having with her three male peers, (they can barely get a word in edgeways.)  She wants to impress, or claim leadership and superiority in the group.  She wears dark-rimmed glasses and has bright pink streaks through her blonde hair.  She wants to be noticed.  She is commanding and exuberant to an extreme.  However, her three friends don’t seem to be overly annoyed by her, but they react little to her bragging stories.

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