Hello Genres, may I list you?

Literary Genres of a non-specific nature:






List-writing – (the most important)

Fiction, of course can be written in various other sub-genres or even a hybrid of one or more. Fiction can include, but is not limited to:

Drama (in a broad sense obviously)









I have chosen to mildly define, and subsequently write a few fictitious lines in, the sub-genre of Horror. I chose this because of my inability to write Horror and I find it immensely challenging to avoid a situation that involves public humiliation at my expense.

Horror – A genre in which fear and suspense are provoked from within the viewer, usually through means of violence, gore, and more often than not, the supernatural.

*My few lines*

‘It was too dark to see anything’. That was my final thought before the lights flashed on and revealed to me the true nature of my prison. I suddenly realised I was inexorably trapped within a carnival of sinister intent, the irony of my being here under such grave circumstances made me bitter with rage. I became jealous of the others, jealous of their quick release, a gift that had not been bestowed upon me. Instead  I was subjected to the fiercest of torment, forced to become a fugitive from a supernatural madman like the nameless protagonist from a generic horror movie.

~The End…For Now~

One comment

  1. I am curious about the ‘carnival of sinister intent’ and would like to know what happens to the protagonist who is like a ‘nameless’ character ina ‘generic horror film.’

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