Journey to and from Uni

By Lindsay Brown (based on Amy’s list of words)

She leaves the calm of her flat and starts out over Brunstfield Links to pick up the car. It’s freezing, and she smiles at herself trying to unlock the car door without touching any of the cold metal. Heating on, she pulls out of her space on the cobbled street and passes the busy bus stops and overcrowded coffee shops of Merchiston. She stops at the Tesco traffic lights. Business men in naff navy suits and slow-walking children make their way over the road. Her breath still clouds visibly as she wonders why cyclists bother.

On the way home, everything seems to have speeded up. Caffinated, lively children get in the way of dog walkers and joggers. What are now crowded streets flank busy roads with queues at the traffic lights. She drums her fingers along to the radio as she waits for the green light. When she gets back to her street, she won’t be able to find a parking space.

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