Bedroom, Window, Street

The light shines through the cream curtains,
It shines on my shelves upon shelves of books,
It hit framed photos of my family and boyfriend,
It shines over my dark blue dolphin bed cover,
And then showing up the dust on my tv set.

I look out my window to a sea of green<
It paves the way to the spectacle of Arthurs Seat,
Large figures hurry on their way,
Small animals jump about and play,
The meadows is beautiful on a sunny day.

The street is quiet and the air is cold,
It is a street full of student flats,
The picturesque pub next door,
The lime green lights which shine from it at night,
The street is quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

One comment

  1. Great work Vicki – I like that you’ve used poetry rather than prose! I’m more into poetry myself 🙂

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