Genre or something like it.

A list of genre’s that have already been said.



Life writing



etc. etc.

Obviously inside any particular field of writing there are different genre’s of writing as well. Most of which have already been listed previously, but which will now be rugurgitated by me. How fun.







Science- Fiction


Now to bluntly define comedy: If it’s sole purpose is to make the reader/viewer laugh it’s a comedy.

Now for a  tiny piece of comedy(allegedly).

Earlier today a man stopped me in the street who looked a lot like a Japanese Colonel Sanders. He sported a white linen suit, black glasses and the trademark whispy, white goatee. Off on a tangent but have you ever noticed the drawing of the Colonel nowadays, looks a lot like Rolf Harris? Seriously, look it up. Anyway, I digress! At first I was taken aback by his appearance and consequently could not quite grasp what he was saying. However after a repetition, the question was put to me, ” Where is the nearest KFC?” I quietly thought to myself, of course not about the location of the nearest KFC, but rather if this guy was on the wind up. So having collected my thoughts I enquired thusly, ” Are you havin’ a laugh? No one goes to KFC, it’s gash.”

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