People Study

By Vicki Reed

Person 1

Small resemblance to Betty Boop with a red and white polka dot top on. Dark blue jeans and black high heels. She also wears a large pearl necklace to add class to her outfit along with her rather frail bleached blond hair and tired blue eyes. Whilst taking a deep interest in her large black clip file, she has not smiled once until a younger girl approaches her table. All through the conversation she clutches her pen vigourously and has a look of despair across her face. She looks very ill tempered with her hand on her hip, whilst sipping the last of her coffee and chewing on her inner cheek.

Person 2

Wearing a very formal black suit, but has the shirt un-buttoned down to show some chest hir. He is also frowning whilst clutching his chin with his fist clenched and then picking his lip with his finger. He also has a pair of reading glasses hanging from the open chest of his shirt. The man has grey hair and a long worn face, red with colour. He sits with his legs neatly crossed with both hands in his lap whilst looking around every so often to conquer the boredom of sitting by himself. He begins to chuckle and laugh when a colleague joins him, with the gaps in his teeth he keeps on smiling.

Person 3

A girl with bright red hair protectively clutches the top of a half empty starbucks cup. She is deep in conversation with two girls who are sat with her, she looks deeply interested as she is not losing eye contact. As she is speaking her eyes are watering and she looks as if she is going to cry. The girl sits very casually with one knee up on a chair whilst she packs her bag to leave. As she stands up you can see that her light grey jumper has a very vivid pink flamingo stitched into it as well as light blue jeans with stylish rips in.

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