Trike extraordinaire.

Half 4 in the morning after copious amounts of vodka.

It was a night fuelled by Glen’s very own Vodka that lead me to the situation that is depicted on your right.  The thought process behind this photo was to break down the mass stereotype that all Glaswegians are reprobates.

The night that preceded this picture was one of complete excess. I drank vodka. I Won a game of Buzz. I drank more vodka. I won a game of Pro Evo. I drank more vodka still. I lost a game of Buzz. More vodka was consumed. I lost a game of Pro Evo. It was 4 o’clock before I knew it and the night had disappeared into a vodka induced haze and I began the stagger home. However after stumbling upon a rather dashing pink trike I thought to myself, I would get home much quicker if I rode this down the giant hill. So after attempting to peddle on it before making it to the big hill, I decided to take this photo, to document just how truly pathetic I was.

And yes, after said photo I did ride that pink, girls trike down a giant hill on the middle of the road: And you know what? I did get home quicker than I would have. The end.

Now I’m not about to prattle on about any kind of serious meaning behind this picture, it just reflects a time in my life that was great fun. I was only 17, just finished school but not yet started college, and I didn’t have a care in the world. So it reflects a better time in life that had no stress, no worries, no deadlines and just vodka. On a side note, those who are worried that I stole a poor girls trike need not as it was being thrown out anyway.


  1. sounds like a good night… haha, those were the days. although speaking from personal experience, many such good times are to be had as a student too!

  2. The predominance of blue light at 4 a.m. in the morning is something that you could write about. I wondered who took the photo – or did you stand the camera on something to havean autonatic shot? The carefree youngster’s attitude does come across in the piece.
    Good to know that the bike was just a discarded piece that served you well when you needed a quick ride home.

  3. About “Paranoid, Android’ – I tried to post a comment which was discarded. Just wanted to say its confessional intimacy is captivating.

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