It’s new, fresh, modern, overall feminine.  Everything has a place, clean and tidy although your eyes are drawn to the dressing table where it can really only be described as an Aladdin’s Cave or Magpie’s nest, nice smell’s and sparkly objects with memento’s of fun times.  There’s old flight tickets to London where birthday celebrations hold drunken/fun/credit card on fire/meltdown/memories.  Once you look round the room you cannot fail to notice the weakness…. the addiction… yes, there is quite a lot of them, although it has to be said it’s quality over quantity. An area has been completely allocated to housing them, all easily accessible  and each one sits just perfectly on it’s little dust bag in full view, displaying it’s beauty and hoping it will be today’s favourite. I cant really say which one is my favourite, but if i was pushed… ok then, it would have to be the newest  addition that Santa kindly brought, it’s a Prada handbag, gold, with softest salmon pink calf skin lining that feels like butter to the touch.  All I need now is to build on my shoe collection (it’s getting there)  and I’m sure, no, I know, Carrie would be sooo proud!!! (SATC) fans know exactly what I mean, no explanation needed.


  1. your user name matches to the decor of your bedroom 🙂 but seriously, I like the simile that you use for describing your dressing table – Aladdin’s Cave or Magpie’s nest – very nice and inventive. well done !

  2. The narrator is obviously a storyteller as each object brings back memories… There is an underlying sense of self-directed humour which is endearing.

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