My room. Small, simple; a reflection of myself, perhaps? Extremely untidy, but i prefer the term “lived in.” Somewhere amidst the clutter there is a mirror, a desk, a double bed and many duvets to compensate for a lack of heating during the night, a smart money saving strategy adopted by most students! Above the desk there is a window covered by an ugly blue blind, which comes as standard with any Grant Management flat. There is not much of a view behind this; being at the back of the building, my room looks out onto more houses, although there are a couple of trees and an overturned shed decorating the landscape. There are often children playing in the gardens, who seem to think it’s necissary to shout and scream in the early hours of the morning. Useful if i need to wake up for lectures, extremely annoying on weekends. Leaving my room and walking along the corridor, down the stairs and out the door, one will find themselves in the middle of Oxford Street- a very quiet place which often seems uninhabited with the exception of a few Edinburgh Uni students wandering nonchalantly to lectures, apparently having just got out of bed and forgotten they are still wearing pyjamas. The street itself is small and simple, cars appear to be parked randomly and there are various wheelie bins outside each building. Occasionally i meet my neighbours, who are around my age, although the only interaction is a quick nod. My flat: small, cold, prone to spontaneous viewings whilst i’m asleep in my bed, regular visits from trevor the mouse… basically sums up the typical student lifestyle.

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