Trip to Uni (Kerrys Words)

The sunlight shining on the streets towards the Castle across the rooftops, Lothian Road and the West End dotted with early morning weary work goers, still tired from the work the day before. Lupe Pintos, it attracts passersby in the “Will we or wont we?” situation, surely it must be the first assumption due to tempting array of food in the window. The steamed up windows of Subway look less than inviting, nobody wants a soggy Sub, Extra Mayo please. Then we have the men from the fish shop at Holy Corner  sitting on the back of the wooden bench, society has not taught them to sit properly as of yet, they sit with their white overalls and their white wellington boots, presumably to stop them smelling of the fish when they get home. Then what about M&S, we see it is a lot smaller than the likes of ASDA or Tesco but still has a vast amount of people inside, stopping to sample the variety of wines or cheeses, or maybe even the rip off Pringles. Further towards Uni I go and get to the RBS at Balcarres street across from the monument that is Morningside Clock, a long queue of infuriated middle aged adults waiting to use the machine, stuck behind a rather dittery old lady, who presumably has forgotten her pin code a few times, the smoke starts to come out of everybody’s ears. Closer to Uni even yet we get to the barriers at Craighouse, the security guard must be dozing as the driver has to push the button, he grumbles a bit and winds down his window. “Lothian Bus” He says and soon the wheels start turning and we have reached our destination.

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