Cafe – 1 (mum with kids)

Late 30’s, short hair, two kids, one in buggy the other toddler eating a huge muffin on the chair beside mum.  Mum has a fairly smart appearance though rather oddly she has a hooped earring through her nose, nothing wrong with piercings but somehow it just really stands out compared with the rest of her look.  Then I can’t help thinking when she picks the baby up what does he/she think? does she pull at it ? (ouch) play with it?, then what happens when the older ones declares ‘I want one’ she can’t really say no! she seems really sweet and so do the kids, maybe she’s a reformed punk or something and keeps the hoop as a reminder of her past? who knows!! good for her.

Cafe -2 Waitress

Tall, slim, student looking 🙂 friendly to the customers with a warm smile and laid back attitude.  Hair a bit crazy, clothes crushed but clean.  Cannot fail to take a small gasp after looking down at her feet… there they were, bright green, not long, not short, but never seen before some kind of strange wellie ankle boot.  After recovering from the fashion shock there was more, upon her turning around I notice they had … wait for it…. heels!! yes full bright green rubber heels, mmmm watch this space the wellie ankle high heel boot might just be the next BIG thing!!

Cafe -3 – Elderly woman alone

Alone, well wrapped up.  Eating a scone with a little pot of jam and of course tea, just exactly what you would imagine for her age.  Hair neat and styled, maybe it’s just been done? hands aged and wrinkly with a ring on nearly every finger. You could say she was a lady who cared about her appearance, well-groomed with painted nails and dressed smartly.  I cant help wondering as she sits and stares out the window, traffic and people going by, what was she like at my age? I bet she has a few stories to tell but most of all, I can sense the confidence she has from almost across the room! I’m pretty sure she has more knowledge about life, the up’s and down’s  than everyone in the room put together.

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