Sun Trap (room/window/street)

So, the walls are bright green. An electric green, maybe? Gives everything this GLOW, which can be sickly, calming, vibrant – depends how you want to look at it really – but it looks great to me. The carpet’s got holes all over it from moving furniture around too much: threads get caught, snagged, pulled. From the window there’s the yellowing garden hedge, giving way to the narrow wall (great for sitting on), the pavement, the road, the pavement, and the two story house blocking out the sun. My room is not exactly a sun trap. In the street there are still mounds of ice and snow marking the corners of the road. It’s lined with lampposts on a gentle slope. The even-numbered houses are built so much taller and grander, with decoration around the windows. On the odd side there are only bungalows, the grass on several malnourished and knee high. If you’re careful you can peek into their front rooms and see them watching the TV.

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