Awkward domestic atmosphere (followed by awkward silence!)

Worn out, a couple
matching coats and matching scowls.
Years of conversation
washed away,
now there’s nothing left to say.
Loveless silence
yet cold.
but alone.
Thinking i can’t see
that this is not OK,
but i know where you go
when you sneak away.
I may be young but i’m not naive,
although i find it hard to believe;
how could you be so weak?
I admire her,
she knew all along,
but she kept quiet.
She kept strong.
The burden of this, of them,
kept safely in her head.
I’ve forgiven you now,
though we’ll never forget,
but life goes on,
no regrets.

One comment

  1. The narrator’s perceptive eye and comments lend poem an intimate response that embodies the pain of seeing a relationship flounder and dissipate.

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