Have the dishes done before six. Make tea! Don’t wait to be asked.
Because I have nothing better to do, yeah?
It’s okay to ask someone to pour their own milk. I know spmetimes you struggle to lift.
Two litres, one arm, what do ye expect?
Enjoy them! you’ll miss the arguements in time.
No one gets me! My life is so tough.
You’re spoilt rotten you just havn’t relised yet. it’s a funny age fourteen.
Well I havn’t heard that before.
Stop trying to grow up so fast. No! you can’t use my I.D.
Enjoy being young. Keep you’re friends close even when they drive you mad.
Relax! It’s okay to say no to boys although it is nice to be asked isn’t it?
Dreams arn’t just for the bed. Aim high, please do! Design clothes and stop stealing mine.
They worry you know. You’re hair is fine just leave it alone.
This is how you bring drink into the disco. Don’t heed mam, there’s no smell off vodka.

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