Strangers in Starbucks

I cannot stop staring at the well presented young man sitting beside the window. His stiff position is telling me he’s anxious. I also get the feeling he is waiting for someone as he keeps glancing out the window. The only items on his table are his trendy mobile and a plastic cup of water. He sips from it sharply. He taps his foot persistantly against the leg of the table. Moments pass and a fresh faced, rosey young woman walks over to him. Puts her hand on his shoulder and says “Hi!” He stands up, kisses her check. “I didn’t want to order without you.” He replies.

I’m looking at a middle aged woman sitting at a corner table with four others. She is staring staight ahead. Her eyes are beginning to glaze over, shes been staring that long. She seems very uninterested in what seems to be a business meeting going on around her. I find this very amusing as her collegues are frantically conversing and slidding sheet after sheet in her direction. I follow her eye line over to a table where a woman is proudly fedding an infant. I wonder what could be so distracting about this. Then I catch her break her stare and look down sadly at her stomach. She rubs it reassuringly and I suddenly feel bad for her.

A man sits alone. Nods his head in rythm to the Beatles and smiles to himself as he takes a gulp from a massive mug as big as himself. He then lets out a loud excited “Oh!” as the song changes and he picks up the nodding tempo. He retrieves a book from his impressive leather manbag. “The Balls of the Business” and opens it I assume where he last left it.

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