un café con inspiración

A ginger haired girl , whom I have met in the bus some minutes ago, now sitting in the same coffee shop with me. Why did I paid attention to her and spot her in here? Not sure! She seems to be engaged in what she is doing. She sits in the corner of the room  and she is working on her laptop.  Her appearance does not seem to shock or strike , bother or focus an attention. She is quite pale, her freckled face is slightly smiling, she wears glasses and  black casual clothes today. It has been a while since she started to fervently work on her machine, now even harder than before.You could think that  she is one of those nerds who spent most of their life playing online games  and  trying to isolate a virtual fun from the hard reality. A boy has joined her. Let the nerds ‘play’ together.

A group of male students has just gathered here. They are sitting very close. I can hear them very well. The discussion is loud and passionate. Their voices are brave and confident, each one of them is trying to  take part in the conversation. It looks for me like they are participating in some ‘University life’ events. One of them is wearing Napier University labelled T-shirt. Three of five appear to have a lot to suggest/offer, they talk almost constantly.I can hear them so well, taking about some prices, whiskey tasting and money. Suddenly, the conversation went quieter.  One of them is picking up his jacket and  is leaving the place. The rest continue.

Now, looking back and within the room I realize that the countenance of boy in the striped jumper also deserves some commemoration. He seems about 26ish and he is not ordinary. It looks like he has brought his breakfast, home-made sandwiches…He  unwrapped them and was about to start eating but his phone rang.  He , picked up the call and was talking to someone for a short time. After the breakfast, he seemed to be contemplating , who knows what about?.. There was not no hint to find out. Therefore, I stopped being a spy and left him to his thinking activity. I looked through the window, it started to rain. I thought of the way home. Then was attracted by this place’s  smell of fresh grounded coffee and decided to have one.

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