Arthur’s Seat

Write a story (100 words) in the 1st person as a friend.

Q. Where is your favourite place in the world?

Arthur’s Seat on a boiling hot day in summer.

Q. What is your favourite season?

It used to be winter… but now summer.

It seemed like it took forever for the snow to disappear. A mini ice age that dragged itself over months before reluctantly submitting to Spring.  Why am I even thinking of that now? I couldn’t say. I can feel my face scorching under the relentless July sun as blades of hot glass tickle the spaces between my fingers and toes – winter is long gone. I bask in the rays beating down upon my extended body,  fully embracing the sun’s glorious heat to compensate my bones for their wintry suffering.

I can hear the voices of children through the shimmering heat of the air. I can imagine them feeding the clammering masses of hungry ducks, swans, geese, seagulls and pigeons at the pond beyond the hill where I lie. Somewhere nearby, a dog barks. An owner calls.  The dog is upon me. I open my eyes to its dopey face. It covers me in dusty dirt as it paws at my chest, licking my face affectionately. A man hurries off apologetically, said dog being dragged in his wake.

I prepare to submit myself once more to the sun’s sweltering majesty. I close my eyes and fall backward onto the grass. At once my face is cooled by the severe looking cloud that has marched across the sky from nowhere. Time to go, it seems.

One comment

  1. I like the ‘dopey’ dog’s interruption to a leisurely July sun snooze. A typical Edinburgh piece, replete with the clouds sweeping back.

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