Mother and child

Early walking was I lucky enough to-
Gaze upon a truly beautiful sight.

‘twas a new young mother holding her world so tight.
With infant on lap she sits criss-crossed and smiles.
Nodding contently at the admiring passers by.

Her lips gently resting on her babes perfect head.
I breathe in their peace and imagine a magical palace two god like creatures, should retire to bed.

Such a perfect form of love makes it easy to believe. Believe that the sky is just effortlessly wonderful. Believe these two, were once one. Perhaps the great oceans could swallow us if they tried. Let death be a glorious mystery. After all, how could anything hurt as I gaze upon a truly beautiful sight?

There is a definite chill. But they do not care.
Snuggled up cosy and warm in the open air.
As if they were thanking the elements for putting them there.

Their silent connection echoes sense and meaning I love myself for a minute as I ponder my own road ahead.
Our own little palace..
Their busy buggies..
Daughter or son.

To give my mothers love to my own little one.

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