Lindsays answers! But is it her?

As the vino seeps into my already intoxicated bloodstream and the delicious Nando’s rolls about in my stomach, doing the tango with the cocktails, my head slips into sleep and a land of dreams. I dream of myself winning an oscar, my childhood dream haunting me even now, “Thankyou, Thankyou” I had to remind myself not the mention the sex god that is Brad Pitt, that would be so unprofessional. I then switch my trail of thought, Oscars to the government? Go on then, “Oh wow did I get my promotion? Give me it!! I want it! I want it!!” I open my eyes to light and look at the clock, “Oh great I’m late again, not enough time, now im cheesed off”. Now I think the cocktails have started the Rhumba and Im in for a classy day. Paracetamol please?

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