Look in the mirror what does it show you?

The person I see has bright blonde hair, and stand out blue eyes. They have a lot of freckles and white skin, If you look at their neck she has a tattoo. Do I like what I see? Truthfully not really, they don’t look very attractive. However she wears clothes that suit her size and she wears her size well, her clothes are stylish and recently bought, she wears a silver necklace with a heart on, and a bracelet of the same style. She wears a gold ring with diamonds on, I think she definitely doesn’t like what she sees as her face shows a little dissapointment when she sees she hasn’t lost any weight after going to the gym and tiring herself out. She can’t bring herself to look in the mirror with just a bra and knickers on, it would horrify her even more. So she sticks to wearing her grey and yellow jumper and a pink river island top, and a dark pair of jeans with black socks on her large skinny feet. Her fingernails are painted bright pink, hot pink I think it is called. She has lots of freckles on her arms and a few moles and freckles on the side of her neck and face. She can also see that since she lost 3 stone on Slimming World, her boobs have gradually reduced in size, much to her distaste. When she wears her make-up she feels like a whole different and attractive person, but she knows it will only last till she gets the face wipes out, the she is back to the same usual dissapointment, of the roughness when she rolls out of bed. One day she wants to look in the mirror and be a few sizes smaller, 12 or 14 perhaps, one day soon hopefully, bring on the gym!!

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