Paranoid Android.


Maybe it’s just me in my paranoid state of mind, but it seems that the world is always watching nowadays; watching and judging. There’s not a day goes by that you can live your life the way you want without being watched by someone else. So in essence no one can ever be who they want to be unless they completely disregard the judgement of every other person in this car crash of a world. We are constantly looking for approvement from each and every person, looking for justification, validation and often admiration. When really what is the point? No person is inherently better than another, though many would have us believe otherwise. This idea is a mere construct of society that quite frankly has grown tired and weary over the years. Nobody has the rite to judge whether someone else deserves recognition or distibution, yet that is the way this world functions, and it is only in this pathetic way that these people can exert their small measure of power. So we fight our way through the marsh land that is this life and try to keep our heads, because if we don’t we’ll be labelled insane then lose them. The message is just plod on, keep on keeping on and realise that everyone else is in the same fight that will for everyone, ultimately end in defeat. Defeat by the people who rule you and control what is viewable content, what is righteous or what is correct. Ultimately everything you believe in has already been defined for you, so creativity has been defined for you and not by you, your religion, your team, your beliefs. All pre-determined for you. So forget your choices  and your voice, they aren’t yours to articulate anyway.

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