Daydreaming (In the mind of someone I know rather well)

Yet another reminder of what I have not achieved. Two kids at the Academy, a marriage of fifteen years and managing director of a chartered surveyors firm. “It’s been a long time since third year maths,” he chuckles. Steady on mate, we aren’t into our twilight years yet.

I could have played cricket for England or become chief sports writer for the Guardian newspaper. I could have been more driven, successful and richer. I could have been like Brian from class 3GD. I could have tried much, much harder. But what’s the use in thinking like that?

I have my princess and castle which suits me just fine…and anyway, my time will come. Now back to this dull matter at hand. Invoices for the corporate department. I’ll be at the crease, hitting sixes at Lord’s one day. You’ll see.

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