Mirror Image (3rd Person)

She has her father’s stoney blue eyes (but not his rationality) and her mother’s golden mane (but not her patience). Her English teacher once described this default expression as quizzical and she has always wondered what he meant by that. Her mirror image is corrupt. Not quite in the realms of being enormously contradictory, but a few untruths lurk in this reflection. Lies? Most definitely. Edgy and grinning outwardly, she cleverly masks an insatiable desire for fame and recognition. You can catch a flicker of dissatisfaction in those eyes if you watch closely, accelerated by a nasty force of arrogance and self-assurance which causes her to think: “This body doesn’t belong to me –  this mind and personality is deserving and worthy of a much more impressive vessel.” Like any show-off she takes great pride in sourcing loud items of clothing and wears them with the intention of creating an air of eccentric, artistic grace. But this is visual trickery used by the insecure, downtrodden or overweight, and she knows it. She can see the remnants of an athletic frame which used to take to the hockey pitch with such ease, but now carries extra baggage round the middle as punishment for a number of vices. Her partner suggests this gives her character (an annoying condolence conjured up by thin people during awkward dietry exchanges). She smiles her Jack Nicholson smile and thinks “I’ll start tomorrow.”        

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