Synoxypathos (short poem with examples of synaesthetic metaphors, oxymorons and pathetic fallacy)

Got Superficial Shoreditch on my little finger,

Hipsterdom where genuine imitation 80s fashion lingers,

But Shoreditch has a rotten heart of sexual pity,

More brothels than anywhere else in the city,

Got Gentrified Brixton, now under the thumb,

But its heavy odour is common to every slum,

Trash bags aren’t torn open by hungry new noblesse,

But by jobless tower denizens; the propertied homeless,

Got World’s End Chelsea on the middle finger,

Birthplace of Punk’s auditory stinger,

A FUCK YOU to everything London Abhors,

Now a family-friendly suburb behind closed doors,

Hackney is on the trigger finger, surprised? Not a lot,

They say Regents Canal only runs through it so it don’t get shot,

Think the bitter echoes of gunfire are from turf-war braves?

It’s from youngers too little to read the words on their own graves,

Got Hatton on the ring finger because that’s where the ice is at,

More cheddar than sense and selling shiny rocks? True that,

But take a gander around and this tight image wriggles a little loose,

Example; Hatton is the place in London to buy a cow herd, or a goose,

I’ve got London in the palm of a hand,

Five districts we don’t quite understand,

But you gotta understand the differences are all the same,

What starts in clouded stereotype, clears with the rain,


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