Occupational Hazards

Gazing intently across the savannah,

I lean back in from the window,

Pull my focus back to the repeater

And the spent .44 shell casings,

A throbbing down the starboard side of our vessel,

Then grey bears down on the truck like a storm,

I hark back to the bracing position,

Head between hands folded down to my chest.

Time passes and slowly I think to awaken,

Gingerly step from the now smoking wreck.

I wish I hadn’t shelled out for passenger airbags

Where the horn cut a swathe of destruction inside,

A mangled consortium of bone and metal lie behind,

And in front the flat expanse terrorized by the sun.

Notes: This piece was made to fit certain criteria, incorporating both occupational jargon and simile, as well as a different pre-defined progression for every two lines.

1-2) Looks out window

3-4) Focus inside room

5-6) Event outside

7-8) A recollection

9-10) Step outside

11-12) Wish

13-14) End

Not so subtle hints as to what occupation that might be – so no prizes for answers ok?

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