The Naming Ritual

I, is Someone else;
I refuse to inherit what is not mine;
I will not carry what is not mine:
I wear my own clothes,
I speak my own language,
I tribute; I don’t inhabit;
To become my own father?
Spite? No, that fire has burned,
And that black coal is now grey ash.
I would rather kindle my own furnace,
And carry my own blood:
I, first progenitor of my own line.
“The sins of the father”;
“The apple never falls far from the tree”;
Genetic fallacies
Mean nothing to me.


  1. I really like this piece, as it is clear and concise in what it is trying to convey – a sense of individuality- with some wonderful imagery. I particularly liked the rhyming couplet at the end, which gave it that special touch. Nice work.

  2. The biblical echoes root the poem in a long tradition. The repetitive ‘I’ has a chant-like effect.

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