New York. New York.

Carry a poem.

Rush around me
hundred miles per hour.
Neon colours blind
my upward gaze.
Thrusting heart beats
from underground
so hard I cower,
longing to ramble
broadway’s n avenues
to kill my days.

North by East,
South by West.
The Manhattan grid
is easy to learn.
Take the subway,
hail a cab,
You’ll see a million
at every turn.

Hear the gospels of Harlem.
Feel steamy drains hiss.
No man is an island they say
but lady liberty is.

Escape the fumes of Gotham city and
hide in Central park.
Cross bridges, Tread the Hudson on a plane.
Don’t forget to see the horizon sparkle in the dark.

Your harsh and decrepit insomnia I share.
Let the destitute live forever in your decay.
Your metropolis is dark and hungry.
Let me sleep in the big apple and I will do as you say.

The Dutch? The Irish? The Lenape?
Who built you? To whom do you belong?
The American revolution, Declaration of Independence,
I don’t care, I dance only to Sinatra’s song.

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