The beginning of this tale is something distantly remembered, on the horizon fading into the sunset, like the sun into the deep blue sea, which very soon unbeknown to it, it would soon become a lost and long forgotten part of.

We can only think what a superb feat of engineering this would have been at the time, a structure so huge it put the others to shame, the sheer dimensions were extravagant never mind the interior. It is sad to think that in all its grandness that it would have met such a dramatic and poignant end, many miles from home in the dark desolate lonely ocean.

As the vessel approaches another lonely year on the sea bed, with itself and nothing more for company, no-one bothers to think about salvation, this is how it must go on, until eventually there is nothing left, nothing at all, so for now the colours change a constant glow of brown to green, dependent on the shafts of sunlight protruding down from the surface. On a sunny day the colours look magnificent and beautiful, just like the vessel on its majestic maiden voyage, which are a far distant memory and will be forever more.

Everyday interior is stuck within the strong grip of the hands of time, looking for a way out and desperately changed as the water seeps into every crevice and hole imaginable, this was the way it had to end. They will no longer be used, no longer be looked at, forgotten about, just like this sinking ship, sinking into the back of people’s minds, like a stone to the bottom of the ocean, gone and desperately forgotten.

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