Defying gravity with his rhythmic beat,

Our splendid rainbow buzzes on by.

You set the glass upon the table,

A treat for our winged guest,

It dances across liquid sun.

Orange, born from nature

As we all are.

Then it’s your luscious sweet scent

Which suddenly draws me.

How much like you this

Orange is.

Fragrant and delicious,

I am addicted to the smell,

Breathe deeply to grasp every moment.

The fly is drawn.

Silly fly, appearances

Can be deceptive.

For once you drink,

Poison touches your lips.

Sourly acidic it

Burns the throat.

Burns like your words,

Vile and cruel.

Floating pulp,

Flakes of skin that clog the airways

And leave a foul texture in the mouth.

Empty stomach churning with the toxin

Bile rising to meet porcelain.

Orange juice and I don’t agree.

You tricked him,

Washing liquid mixed with the juice

To kill him,

We watch it twitch.

You laugh,

I grieve for I see myself.

Suddenly we see –

The fly and I –

That it’s not for us.

I discovered the true self.

Oranges and you both

Do us harm.

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