The Little Man and the Ladies

The gentleman sits at the table surrounded by friends. He seems hunched and it is unsure as to whether he is of small stature or of terrible posture. Easily a head shorter than everyone else at the table, he leans forward to the conversation as if to interject himself so he is sure not to be missed. He smiles broadly and the dim light of the cafe seems to grow and brighten in his eyes. He seemed to glow brighter than any other, and the reason for his particular exuberance was clear to others surround him as well. Sitting on twin couches nearby were two lovely ladies. The girls glancing back and forth, exchanging giggles and smiles, all the while looking back to the young man. Black hair and dark eyes, brown hair and green eyes. Sipping on mugs that look like they had long since cooled. An onlooker can only wonder at why these girls giggle. Maybe it was some funny story from their night before. Or perhaps it was the fact that the mini-gentleman had a series of suspicious bruises all over his neck that are all too obvious. Either way, the ladies look tired yet content just to sit in the dim, cozy café and share each others company. To laugh at a silly story or to giggle and wonder at toy-sized stranger. Either way, he smiles back. He doesn’t care. For once, he’s not being overlooked.

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