Where did he go

The tall gentleman stands on the street, waiting for the traffic to pass so he can walk on.

He coughs, looking to his left and decides he doesn’t want to cross any more. He walks off in another direction.

Passing out of view the rest of his day becomes a mystery. Possibly he decided to hail a taxi and rush off to meet someone.

A woman, who could only be described as pleasant, intelligent and beautiful; at least in his eyes she is. She’ll be sitting by a window in a cafe eagerly, but not obviously, awaiting his arrival. She’ll – seemingly – mindlessly drink her coffee and flip through a magazine that shows the glossy lives of the new year’s idols without taking it in. What she is waiting for is this man to bring her something to think about. Something to debate, to intellectually fence over.

He arrives, finally, and sees her sitting there, on display, like a mannequin but so much more full of life. He ignores the feeling of wanting to watch her for a little longer and moves quickly over the road inching closer to the warmth of her presence.

She looks up and sees him, smiles to herself and turns on the stool so he might understand her joy at being around him.

He walks over to her, a slight draft follows him in the door, and his whole face is alight with happiness. She rises, they embrace and greet each other; taking a moment to hold on and communicate their excitement at the prospect of another night spent together.

They sit, their eyes meeting, shyly looking away; they smile together and laugh inwardly. Their comfortable manner warms the room as strangers lean towards them like flowers lean towards the sun; hoping the warmth of their happiness rubs off on them.

A waitress moves across, orbiting their world for a brief moment while she takes the man’s order and brings the woman a refill. As the waitress moves away they join hands across the table, ready to begin their mental tango.

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