Life Together

Christikon, Boulder River Valley, Montana

For years you fixed me

Made me whole.

I left you a renewed songbird,


Singing your praises.


There’s a hole in my heart.

I ache for more time

To surround myself with your beauty

And the love of the people

You draw.



For years I returned to you

Empty, treasuring my cup

That I might leave with it newly filled,



I nearly forgot to pack my cup,

Almost left it lying on the floor

Under piles of my present life.

I go to you to know again

What I once knew like my name,



The magic is lost.


I thought you would fill my cup.

Instead, you broke it.

You broke me.

It hurts.


Life together was a gift,

A temporary joy

Like a daisy or a shooting star.

It took me too long to realize

My soul may belong to you,

But my whole life does not.

© Alyssa Small

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