I didn’t want them here. I didn’t. They shouldn’t have just kept them here just because Westminster wanted to, they don’t live here. This is Scotland and we should have been making the decisions and we wanted these weapons out. They treated us like imbeciles; they wanted to keep them going but hid them away on Scottish soil and expected us to be happy about it. Now look what they’ve created, our country is war-torn wasteland. If they wanted these nukes so much, then she should have kept them in their own home, on their English soil. Put them near where their own children sleep and see how that makes them feel. Find out what it felt like to have these death machines near their children. Find out how it feels to lose their children. We didn’t have a choice. We never did. I LOST EVERYTHING! Because of them. I lived here. My children lived here. I had the right to know that I was safe in my own home. I had the right to know that my daughters were safe. It ruined my life. World leaders strutting around and showing off. Trying to find out who’s got the bigger toy. It’s not a game. It never was. Lives have been lost because of their ‘games’. The whole world’s in chaos because of their ‘games’. We should’ve learned from the Naval Arms Race. Look where that ended up. In a world of suffering and pain. Politicians never learn from history and we have to pay for it. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t live in a world with such people, always causing each other pain. I just can’t.

David Smith

39 years old


172 days since the beginning of World War III

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