Hair Cut

Her mane is bedraggled, it is in a sorry state. The last hairdresser in control, had left it too late.

It troubles her greatly the state of her hair, she got herself a new stylist – one she thought would care.

They seemed good on paper, all of their ideas written down. And so she went with her choice, the one she had found.

The mess that was left, they said, was much too great. They didn’t seem to care that their plans were met with hate.

And so they began to cut away the hair, they didn’t seem to think it deserved a lot of care.

They cut and they cut, so it was short and unhappy, they didn’t seem to bother them that the client was snappy.

The client wanted gentle snips to ease the distress, they thought that gentleness would mar any progress.

So now she is left with the pain to bear,  of a series of drastic cuts that she now deems unfair.

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