Ross Young

As I watch keenly, these two Kings join the ranks of the Roman Gladiators,

Courting one another, evenly matched.

Blow after blow they trade.

Lunge, parry, strike, deflect.

No love lost between these rivals.

Muscle and grace and speed and power,

two champions, the unstoppable force meets the immovable object.

The match is lit, the dynamite

is in their hands.


(first attempt at some form or poetry or whatever/uploading to wordpress. Didnt write a title cause it’d give it away, but i hope some of you got that it was about the Aussie Open tennis final the other day, Nadal vs. Djokovic – tried to stuff as many tennis puns in there as i could; match, court, love etc. YAY for tennis puns!)

One comment

  1. I really like this. The imagery causes you to imgaine a really epic tennis game between two great players in tennis that seems like a ‘to the death’ battle. And the puns were brilliant. YAY!

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