Concrete Embrace

The day was bright. Rush-hour traffic crowding the road like a shiny,useless junkyard. My eyes were tired,stinging and my head was pounding from a restless slumber. The noise, the anger, the frustration of the workng world did little to alleviate my somber mood as I made my way along the pavement. I dodge the endless parade of people like I imagine an ant dodges the water drop raining from the heavens.

As I crest the hill ( battery in my I-pod  succumbing to a similar lack of rest as myself) I begin to feel faint. Dizzyness and my vision blurs. The world begins to spin quicker. I lay upon a bed that is not my own; a cold, hard, unforgiving surface. No pillows or mattress to comfort me or catch me. No solace. Cold concrete arms crush me. Air rushes from my lungs,  escaping like rowdy children from class. My head turns. Metal beasts continue their restless, slow march across the plain of banality.

The light fades. I hear voices, distant.

The light is gone and so are the voices. The cold embrace of the stone evaporates.

Darkness. Where am I?

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