What if all the tea was gone from the world?

Imagine being dependant on a cup of tea, and looking forward to drinking one on your break or when you get home. Then imagine if there was spontaneous combustion of all the tea in the world; all the tea plantations and supplies up in flames! Could I live in a tea-less world? Could you cope without tea?

I woke up this morning and felt a little rough still, from the weekend-long birthday celebrations for my friend. All I wanted was to curl back into my duvet-cave and hibernate: it is winter after all. But no! I resisted this temptation, with a promise to myself that I can have tea if I get up. I got up, but I was running late. Tea was out of the question.

Stepping out of my flat into a crisp, February morning, I wished even more for a steaming cup of tea to wrap my frigid fingers around and breathe in the warm vapours, rather than the usual smell of hops from the nearby brewery. You see, I was brought up with the mantra: ‘a cup of tea makes everything seem better’. Even an early tutorial on a Monday.

Striding towards my bus stop, I regretted not being able to stop in a cafe. I pondered the morning rituals of the other people at the busy bus stop and wonder – are we all like Garfield; is Monday morning always out to get us? And when will I get that cup of tea?

One comment

  1. Your idea of ‘no more tea’ is harrowing, terrifying and the stuff of nightmares! I’m writing this while drinking a lovely cup of warm tea 🙂 .

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