Frozen Hearts of Desperate Souls

What lies beneath this frozen ground?

What need has driven us so?

We awoke a nightmare.

Our chains snapped like bare branches in this frozen place.

Desperation clouded our vision.

Insanity slithered into our minds in the guise of reason.

Twelve it was that undertook this task.

Twelve sets of eyes that did not blink.

Twelve mettle’s that did not falter.

Twelve voices that uttered no cry of protest.

In desperation we have sinned.

There will be no forgiveness.

No respite.

Like a wave from a storm this darkness will devour us.

It comes with an echoe of promises long forgotten.

Blood and death. Pain and sorrow.

New chains shall arrive. The links unbreakable.

Our fear has blinded us to the truth.

Our minds become cages in which we cower , fully aware.

We stand motionless. The chains reign taut around our souls.

Twelve hearts be fucking damned!

What have we done?

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