The Hospital – (just something random)

Hospitals. They fucking disgust me. Not the smell: that’s ok. Well not ok, I wouldn’t whip out a bottle of hospitalised febreze and spray it around my living room, but it’s bearable. No. The thing that makes me sick about hospitals is all the decrepit little nobodies clinging to life. All the washed up motherfuckers who have never contributed anything of value to this place; they’re potatoes. So they mash their bodies on a daily basis and then complain when the world wants to eat them. NOM. Diagnosis: Pull the Leaches from the Leg. Operation: Kill the Strays, is underway.

The human race’s population is increasing at an exponential rate. No. Not exponential, hyper exponential. That some serious shit. And unlike any other population, so far, we have yet to reach the curve and then sudden dive back to normality. So all of these cures being invented, all these medicines being mass-marketed to keep people alive for longer, all of these research teams devoted to finding new ways of treatment… I shake my singularly disapproving head at you. Because sooner or later… we’re all fucked.

O yeah, minor detail I may or may not have mentioned: I’m a doctor, and I’m beginning to think I need a career change.

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