everyday journey to Uni


It’s freezing without gloves, but the walk is too short to bother. Sky is still grey – Sun isn’t sure if it wants to rise so early, just like me. The air is cold and feels like I get to inhale deeper breaths than usual with every draw. The bus arrives immediately and is quite full – am on time. This one doesn’t pass the big, old, black church with bright red doors, which
I like to be fascinated about every time I pass it. Many little shops in this area – each one in different colour. Central Taxis – Blue and yellow sign I’ve always noticed but never read. Next, a small, fancy cupcake shop in which it seems like cakes are being displayed at random times. I never walk around here, only imagine buying one of those white, sparkling cupcakes to see who sells it to me – who creates them. Perhaps then I could understand their unusual approach to cake display.

The sky is especially grey today, but despite that I am glad I got out of bed to make this a good day.

Almost there, just getting off the bus, through the scenic yard and a shade of smoke, created by fellow students on their way to this new, serious day in uni. Then 4 more, completely useless doors need to be gone through and the coat comes off.


Sun has given golden lining to a few clouds, it makes the sky look brighter, but still can’t beat the greyness. Didn’t get to see the view of the city for I was running to catch the bus. This one takes another route – a longer, though nicer one through Morningside – and passes the amazing church. Am unusually pleased with the timing and reading I’ve done. This is a good, bloody freezing day.

Between small shops and cafes, all these trees and bushes are sitting in the same spot all year growing, changing form and colour. Traffic around is their routine, their every day life. Our glances are their socializing – right? Probably not, they don’t need this. They just need the sun, the wind, the ground, nothing else matters. The only interaction between flora and humans should be tolerance.

Chocolatier, florist – I wonder, for what occasion would I buy anything from there? Bruntsfield – nice for walking with a doggy, I used to really enjoy it.

The church! So smokey, old and ornamental – amazing.

Am off to make the most of the day. Revelation – the best way to get close to motion sickness is to write in a moving vehicle. Check. A nap first.

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