in someone elses shoes

waking up at midday; half the day has disappeared before me, unaware and disillusioned to the world outside my own front door.

I get up and stumble through my well-lit corridor, like an animal caught in the headlights and tediously begin my morning routine as I enter the family kitchen. Daylight is pouring in from all angles, life outside is bright and so alive. I put the kettle on and routinely look out of my kitchen window into the back garden. outside my four cats and two dogs are playing happily together, blissfully unaware and uncaring to the harsh reality in which they exist. The kettle pops and so my day begins. once my coffee is made is stumble back through to my dimly lit room. I don’t see a point in eating breakfast as I don’t need much energy for my daily routine. I sit down, sip my coffee and try to figure out how to escape these four walls, without actually having to leave them.

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