Perfect Skies, Chapter 1

Chase The Devil


He lived in a pretty central location, Central-West, nice area. About half a mile away from the properly expensive side of town, real Cosmopolitan, y’know? Across from the subway station, too. Five minutes away from supermarkets. Cheat rent an’ aw’. For a few reasons, though.

First was the strip club ’round the corner. Loud. Odd noises every so often, ya’d be tryin’ tae relax at one in the mornin’ – well…. as much as yae possibly could there, ‘ken, and ya’d hear a scream – and then a drop. Really fuckin’ freaky. Conspicious wee place – just a black box wae no wondows, front entrance looked more like it should ’round back, bouncers stayed behind the doors, I assume. He made his regular the folk pub across the road. Wise choice.

Despite the basic, nice po-mo architecture, the huge apartment complex was squeezed between a wine warehouse, a parking lot, and the bread factory. I liked the factory – massive auld industrial thing, lights on an’ machines going day and night, that light industrial hum – it reminds me of the cities past in a way it was easy to get sentimental aboot, romanticize a wee bit, as opposed to the shitty truth – probably made easier by the fact that I never saw anyone in its’ massive windows, an’ only lorries wi’ drivers who may as well’ve been faceless went in or oot.

I went tae ring the fool’s door buzzer. Ten whaul years ae’s been there, an’ he still doesnae have his name next tae his button.  Jus’ a blank peice of paper, if ya looked closely under the right light yae could faintly see the previous owner’s name beneath – a Mr. Callum McAnderson, who’s name still occasionally gets forwarded here. Ah pushed the buzzer and, as usual, had tae wait a full ten minutes before the fucker answered, which was perfect, just enough time tae roll and smoke a fag in his doorway. During the wait, I met a couple of his neighbours – the argumentative couple wi the rotweiler fae upstairs, and the prissy woman from across the way who always seemed to have loadsa’ people staying over. Funny, I knew his neighbours better than him – he probably only knew about them from their wi-fi network names.


Inconsistent dialect somewhat intentional. Feel free to correct my Scots, although I am attempting a modernized version of a few central belt regional dialects, as opposed tae auld Scots.

Hoping to write a chapter a week.

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